Are your fashion preferences anything like mine? If you have one, you wish to print your original design or product concept on a shirt. Sublimation paper designs should consider whether you are producing something for your own use or advertising and selling.

Because it is less expensive than alternative procedures, sublimation is preferred. However, you should be aware that utilizing sublimation paper for dark T-shirts or other dark clothing has several flaws. You have to do some things to avoid them.

Do you know the best sublimation paper for dark shirts or dark clothes? Whether you know about this before or not, let’s find out more about it.

Additionally, utilizing sublimation transfer paper and heat transfer paper together is necessary to successfully print on dark clothing. This article explains that a heat press will also be required. You can create your own unique pattern by combining transfer paper, heat transfer paper, and fabric. 

Best Sublimation Papers For Dark Shirts 

best sublimation paper for dark shirts

Although printing on dark cloth is a relatively recent development, many sublimation paper companies currently excel at this technique. The best results are obtained when printing on dark cloth using a combination of sublimation paper and iron-on heat transfer vinyl paper.

In light of this, we provide some of the top sublimation and heat transfer papers for your consideration.

A-SUB Sublimation Paper 8.5×11 Inch 110 Sheets

A-Sub is an inexpensive sublimation paper that works well with inkjet printers, vinyl heat transfers, sublimation inks, and your design.

All these items combined with A-Sub make it easier to adhere to a printed image on a dark shirt or other dark cloth. Each box contains 110 sheets of this 8.5 × 11 inch paper for your drawings.

Using this sublimation paper, you can get the most for your money and spend less on paper. Additionally compatible with a domestic iron.

Additionally, using them has the drawbacks of being unable to print on dark clothing and not working with inkjet or water-based inks.

StampColour Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer Paper 8.5×11 inch A4 130 Sheets

This StampColour sublimation paper is the best middle-of-the-line option. It’s not the cheapest on our list, but it’s also not the most expensive option, so if you’re looking for a good mix of quality and value, you can choose StampColor.

You receive 20 more sheets than most rivals’ sub sheets generally offer because it comes in a pack of 130 sheets that are 8.5 x 14 in size. It also has the excellent feature of working with both inkjet and sublimation inks.

This sublimation paper gives you reproducible washability, transfer rates greater than 98%, and quicker drying times.

My color Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer Paper 8.5×11 Inch A4 100 Sheets

One of the oldest names on the market for sublimation paper is Mecolour. Basic printing on light textiles or surfaces is possible with any inkjet printer. This paper is affordable for such a well-known brand, and despite the low cost, you still get 100 sheets when you order it.

Apply it to a vinyl heat transfer paper image already patterned onto your cloth if you want to use it with dark materials. It will function flawlessly and make such transfers simple on light textiles.

You can use this sublimation paper for any gifts or crafts you have in mind because it can be utilized with fabrics that include more than 30% cotton or polyester and various other materials.

This sublimation paper is available in various sizes and costs and is compatible with Epson printers, inkjet printers, and any sublimation ink. Another benefit is that it may be purchased for a very low cost.

Can You Use Sublimation Paper On Dark Shirts?

Can You Use Sublimation Paper On Dark Shirts

Like cotton shirts in other hues, including white, can be sublimated, dark t-shirts can also be sublimated. The steps for combining heat transfer paper with sublimation transfer paper to print on a dark shirt are as follows.

Get your photo ready

Create the pattern you wish to appear on your black shirt in the first stage. After selecting your design, print it on sublimation vinyl with high-quality settings on your printer. Keep in mind that while utilizing sublimation vinyl, you don’t mirror the image like you would when using normal sublimation. You can prevent some accidents by remembering this.

Choose the appropriate side of your paper.

Choosing which side of the sublimation paper to utilize is the next step. The other has a matte, textured appearance, whereas the first is glossy. Use the rough side to apply this to dark clothing to ensure the paint stays put.

Iron your t-shirt

To make the material as smooth as possible, lint rolls the items you’ll use for your design on a hard surface. For the quality of your upcoming bespoke shirt, this is crucial!

Set the temperature to 300 degrees Fahrenheit using a heat press or simply an ordinary household iron. The dark shirt should be pressed for at least five seconds to release any moisture in the fabric.

Take away the vinyl

Place the transfer on the sleeve after separating the shiny side of the vinyl from the transfer paper. Once the design has been placed where you want it, and the backing has been removed, cover it with parchment paper and press at 360°F. Make sure to push firmly for fifteen seconds.

Your design is complete when the transfer is no longer warm to the touch. You currently wear a dapper dark shirt.

It can stay on for up to twenty-four hours if you wash it off gently and by the stated directions, thanks to its design.

How Do You Sublimate Black Polyester?

How Do You Sublimate Black Polyester

Dark colors can’t be directly sublimated; however, you can get around that using a Sawgrass Sublimation Printer with white glitter HTV.

Both white and polyester-containing white glossy HTV and EasySubli printable HTV are prerequisites for sublimation. Because glitter blocks contain polyester, glitter HTV is necessary. Smooth HTV won’t function.

Open Silhouette Studio and your sublimation design first. You can make a second duplicate by choosing Original > Right Click > Duplicate.

Select the Duplicate from the Fill Color panel or the top Quick Access Toolbar and set the fill color to translucent.

The first copy is printed using a sublimation printer, while the second is cut from glitter HTV. The glossy heat transfer vinyl is then pressed with the sublimation print.

Select Duplicate, then Internal Offset, after opening the Offset tool. Select HTV and sublimation designs > right click > flip horizontally if they need to be printed or cut in reverse.

Open the Page Set Up panel and select “Letter” for the Material Size. Enable the print border and, if necessary, change the design’s size. Both designs must be scaled simultaneously for them to maintain proportion.

While using your Silhouette CAMEO 4 to cut and weed the white glossy HTV piece, set the sublimation print aside. Remove the carrier sheet, then apply glossy HTV on the dark sleeve.

After removing the shirt from the heat press, turn the heat press’s temperature up to 400 degrees for 60 seconds. 

Remove the shirt from the press when the allotted time is up, then gently remove the sublimation transfer paper. Now you can see that your black polyester t-shirt is well sublimated.

You can make some inferences after taking into account all of the information. As a result, the following sublimation papers can be used to sublimate dark shirts: A-SUB Sublimation Paper, StampColour Sublimation Paper, Mecolour Sublimation Paper, Siser Glitter HTV, Subli Flex, and EasySubli. 

And Black Polyester can be sublimated, as well.

Additionally, the method used to emphasize dark t-shirts is the same as that used to highlight other cotton shirt colors, such as white.


Can You Sublimate On Black Canvas?

Canvas is necessary for sublimation; sublimation is achievable on canvas, even if the canvas material does not include any polyester.

Can You Sublimate On Cotton T-shirts?

Yes, placing heat transfer vinyl between the cotton and the dye is the best approach to sublimate cotton. A useful method for sublimation on cotton is special sublimation fabric sheets.

Does Sublimation Spray Work On Dark Colors?

White and light hues are compatible with sublimation spray. On dark or black-colored fabrics, it is ineffective. You require different technology, DTF products, and a printer if you wish to print in black or dark colors.

Watch: Sublimation Printing on a Dark & Cotton Shirts using Subli-Mate fabric

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