There are different fabrics used in the Batik industry. The color of the Batik, Dye used to design, and the processing method differed according to the cloth we use to manufacture Batik. The qualities of the Batik fabric vary from kind to kind. Therefore it’s a must to choose a proper fabric to get the best results.

                             The Batik Industry uses several types of fabrics.

Simple explanation of Batik Industry

◘ List of Suitable fabrics for Batik

  • Cotton fabric 
  • Silk fabric        
  • Poplin
  • Rayon fabric
  • Voile fabric
  • Muslin
  • Hemp
  • Viscose
  • Lyocell
  • Linen
  • Ramie
  • Etc.

1. Cotton Fabric

Batik Artists mostly use cotton fabrics for their designs. That is why a lot of Batik Designs in the market are found in this Cotton fabric. In the art of Batik, several types of cotton fabrics are used for this purpose.

(E.g., 100% Pure cotton, Dyed cotton fabrics, Woven cotton, etc.)

                        Usually, this cotton fabric is used to make any Batik design. Because this fabric is suitable for many designs, the cloth is cheaper, easy to use, and easy to manufacture. This cotton fabric is used to make soft clothes and is inexpensive. Great for Batik painting and Tie-dye.


  • Comfortable fabric
  • Thickness is low
  • Soft
  • Endure any heat during the boiling

Furthermore, these cotton fabrics are available in a single color as dyed cotton fabrics.

(E.g. Blue colored dyed fabric, Green color, Red color, etc.…). When creating Batiks for this fabric, there’re a few more issues than using White color fabrics. It is possible to use any dye on white cotton fabric. But in coloring, this dyed fabric uses a color that is more intense than its color.

dyed batik fabrics
Dyed fabric

For example; Black, Dark blue, Green, Purple colors are used to dye the light blue fabric. Then you have to take the color inherent in the material as a design or background.

2. Silk Fabric

Several of these silk material is used in batik art.

Those are: – Satin silk

                      Wounded silk

                      Super silk


This silk batik is not seen much in the market. There are several reasons for this. a little difficult to apply dye to this silk fabric.

Accordingly, different methods are used to apply the dye; furthermore, this silk material’s cost is relatively high.

                        The price of these silk batik designs is a bit high when they come out after work. This silk fabric is so thin that it does not keep in the heat for long. This Satin Silk fabric has a Shiny look on one side.

3. Poplin Fabric

This poplin fabric is robust and straightforward. These poplin batik designs are very cheap. The Brightness of the material depends on the appearance and quality of the fabric look. This batik cloth does not wrinkle.

                      This poplin fabrics are easy to sew and launder. That fabric is strong and durable, and it has a soft surface and easy to wash.

Uses:-  Shirts, Clergy wear, Table cloths, Bedspreads, Bed covers, Flags, Pillows, Banners, Batik sarees, etc..

4. Rayon batik fabric

Rayon fabrics also have some importance over other fabrics. This is a not shrink material. These are Soft, Lightweight, flowing breathable, luxurious, comfortable, etc.

These fabrics look great Rayon fabric cloths are very colorful, these clothes can be washed and dried in the washing machines.

Rayon dresses: – Skirts, blouses, shirts, scarves, tunics, batik sarees. Rayon fabrics are suitable for Hand-dyed Batiks and Stamp batik (Block printing batik) and Tie-dye.

5. Muslin fabric

Muslin fabric a specially used for the Batik sarong and batik bags. Other batik products are Clothing, Curtains, sewing, patterns, etc., there can be stamped and hand-dyed.

6. Voile fabric

This voile fabric is a popular fabric used in all types of batik art such as batik designs, batik painting, and tie-dye. There are several types of voile fabrics, there are Indian voile,

Super voile, Sheer Voile, etc… These are Suitable for Curtains, Event decorations, Luxurious appearance. Mostly used in Soft furnishing.

This is soft and Lightweight

7. Hemp Fabric

Medium weight, Breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal

Great for tie-dye

8. Viscose Fabric

This is an Indonesian traditional batik fabric. Viscose fabrics are Low cost.

Specially used for, Batik nighties, batik frocks, tops, shirts, summer dresses, etc…

9. Lyocell Fabric

Comfortable, Soft, breathable, lightweight, Durable

Perfect for, Blouses, skirts, lounge wear