What we hope to present here is How to dye a silk fabric using naphthol dye. Below we have explained step by step how to make this naphthol dye mixture. Naphthol dye cannot be purchase in finished dye form.

  • Read more about Naphthol, naphthol mixing, color matching, safety, pros & cons and step by step guide here. By reading that article before reading this you will be able to know many things you do not know.

After drawing the desired design on the surface of the silk fabric, we do the waxing process. For that, we use a different methodology (for silk fabrics).

The use of this dye is dangerous. this is because they contain toxic chemicals, so they should be used with extreme caution. the article on safety precautions are mentioned at the end, so be sure to read it before use

There are 3 main ingredients used for waxing,

These 3 ingredients to a specific ratio and melt well, and mix. After preparing in this way, use it to wax the silk cloth.

(If the beeswax is 25g-50g, take about 1Kg of paraffin wax and 20g of powdered rosins)

This method is not suitable for cotton fabrics.

Required materials

  • Naphthol (ASSG, ASSW, ASG, ASBO)
  • diazonium salt color(Red B, Geen BB or any other)
  • Wine spirit (IPA)
  • Caustic soda
  • Hydrochemical
  • Hot water
  • Some pots
  • A spoon

How to make

  • Put the required amount of naphthol pigment in a basin. (About 50g of dye per yard of silk)
  • Add about 20ml of Wine spirit and mix well with the pigment to make the dye easier to dissolve.
  • Add about 20g-25g of the hydrochemical to the prepared mixture and mix again. (This Chemical packet can be kept for a maximum of 3days after opening because it can react with air)
  • Then add some hot water to this naphthol mixture.
  • Now take another bowl and add about 50g of caustic soda to it and mix it with normal water. (not cold or hot water)- Wear gloves when handling this.
  • Then add this caustic soda mixture to the pre-prepared naphthol solution. ( Then the color of the solution changes)
  • Now put regular water in a slightly larger container and add the finally prepared naphthol solution to it. ( This container will use for dyeing)
  • Now put the waxed batik design into a naphthol dye solution, and soak for about 10 minutes.
  • In the meantime, add the color (Red b or any) we want to dissolve with some regular water. (This pigment should be applied at about 100g per 1m of Silk fabric)
  • After 10 minutes, remove the design from the naphthol solution.  Then you can see that the color of the fabric has changed. If the color doesn’t vary, the naphthol is not applied correctly to the material.
  • Remove the design from the solution and leave for a few minutes for the water to drain.
  • Now put the design to the color(Red b or any other) solution to be prepared later.
Infographic of the silk fabric dye using Naphthol
Infographic of the Dyeing Procedure

How to remove wax from a silk fabric?

Put 250g-500g of soap powder in a pot of boiling water. Then soak your pre-dyed design here or put it into the pot and keep a few minutes, and then the wax will come off properly.

Be sure to read for safety precautionsSafety precautions for dyeing

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