Regarding sublimation, two types of ink can be used: regular ink and sublimation ink. This blog post will discuss the differences between these two types of ink and help you decide which is best for your needs.

If you’re looking to create custom printed items using sublimation, you may wonder if you can use regular ink instead of sublimation ink. The answer is yes – you can use regular ink on sublimation paper, but there are some things you need to keep in mind. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the differences between regular ink and sublimation ink, and we’ll give you some tips on how to get the best results when using regular ink on sublimation paper.

Can You Use Regular Ink On Sublimation Paper?

Can You Use Regular Ink On Sublimation Paper
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Sublimation paper is specially coated to accept sublimation inks. These inks are infused into the substrate at a much higher temperature than regular inkjet inks, causing them to vaporize and penetrate the coating.

This process is known as sublimation. As a result, sublimation inks provide superior color reproduction and durability. Regular inkjet inks will not work with sublimation paper. The regular inks will bleed immediately as no polymer holds them.

Regular ink is not designed to withstand the high temperatures required for sublimation. For this reason, it’s best to use only sublimation ink with sublimation paper.

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But experts in this industry also have another opinion. According to the pro sublimation printing gurus, It’s possible to use regular ink on heat transfer papers. But you must have original inkjet ink or sublimation-compatible inks. They suggest using pigment-based ink instead of dye-based ink.

So as this debate goes on, the best thing you can do is to test again and again. Maybe you will find a way to use dye-based regular ink for your sublimation. But if you are a professional and a businessman in this industry, we highly recommend sticking with sublimation ink only.

Don’t hesitate to run some experiments with regular inks if you are doing some DIY sublimations for fun or as practice.

What Happens If You Use Regular Ink On Sublimation Paper?

What Happens If You Use Regular Ink On Sublimation Paper
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Sublimation paper is designed for use with sublimation inks, which are specialized inks that are heat-activated. When regular inks are used on sublimation paper, the inks will not be activated and will not properly adhere to the paper.

As a result, regular inks will not produce the desired results when used with sublimation paper. To produce the best possible results, it is important to use sublimation inks on sublimation paper.

When used with sublimation paper, these inks are specifically formulated to produce vivid colors and sharp images. When regular inks are used, the colors will be dull, and the images will be blurry. For the best possible results, use sublimation inks on the sublimation paper.

What Is The Difference Between Sublimation Ink And Inkjet Ink?

Regular Ink On Sublimation Paper
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Sublimation ink is a type of ink that is used in a printing process that involves the use of heat to transfer the ink onto the substrate. This ink is typically used for printing on fabrics, such as t-shirts or flags.

On the other hand, ink is a type of ink used in an inkjet printer. The ink is sprayed onto the paper through tiny nozzles and dries to form the image. Inkjet printers are typically used for printing documents or photos.

FAQ: Regular Ink On Sublimation Paper

Do you need special ink for sublimation printing?

Yes, you need to use sublimation ink to get the proper results from a sublimation printer. Sublimation ink is designed to work with the heat and pressure of the sublimation printing process, whereas regular ink will not produce a good print.

Can inkjet ink be used for sublimation?

Yes, you can use regular inkjet ink on sublimation paper. The downside is that the colors will not be as vibrant as they would be if you were to use sublimation ink. Sublimation ink is specifically designed for this purpose and will give you better results.

Is sublimation ink different from printer ink?

Printer ink is designed for printing on paper, while sublimation ink is heat-activated and printed on polyester fabric. Sublimation inks turn solid when heat is applied, whereas regular printer inks turn liquid. This liquid will naturally soak into the fibers of the paper and be difficult to remove.

Conclusion: Regular Ink On Sublimation Paper?

In conclusion, using regular ink on sublimation paper may yield less-than-optimal results, as sublimation relies on specific ink properties to achieve vibrant and permanent color transfer. To ensure the best outcomes, it’s advisable to invest in dedicated sublimation ink for sublimation projects, ensuring the longevity and quality of your printed designs.

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