Procion dye is one of the most widely used dyes in the Batik industry. There are several reasons for this. This is especially easy to use. It can also create the desired output quickly with less process than other dyes. These dyes are very bright and do not fade in color when washed repeatedly. Excess dye and chemicals do not come out after coloring and washing properly, therefore suitable for children’s clothing.

                                               This procion dye can be seen as powder. It is used in the Batik industry by mixing Soda Ash, Urea, and Salt. We have described below how to make this procion dye.

USE ON: Tie-dye batik, Painting

                      Screen Printing, Block printing batik, etc.

Procion dye
Different colors Procion dye Bottles

Procion dye Pros and Cons


  • Perfect for cotton, Rayon, Hemp, Linen, Ramie, Viscose, etc.
  • Best for Tie-Dye batik
  • It can be used at low temperatures.
  • It can be washed quickly.
  • Dye does not dissolve in the wash (Permanent colors)
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for clothing (Especially for Babies)
  • Can be used with both cold water and hot water
  • An extensive range of colors is available.
  • Economical


  • Little inappropriate wool and silk materials because of shift.
  • It’s mandatory to use the relevant chemicals.

How to make procion dye  and How to Dye a Cloth

First, Put the dye into a bath and then add hot water to the dye and make it melt.

Next, add quantities of Urea into the dye and hot water mixture.

Second, create a bath and fill it with water, and then add salt to the water.

After that, put clothing materials into the bath.

After the clothing materials became wet, take out the materials from the bath and place it in a separate place until the water is drained.

Third, with the use of a filter, filtrate the dye and hot water mixture into the bath.

Now take the clothing materials (Water drained), put it into the bath, and keep it 30-45 minutes in the bath. Then take out the clothing materials.

Finally, Put soda ash into the bath and melt the Soda Ash. Then again, put the clothing materials into the bath and keep it in Soda Ash mixture for 6 or 12 hours.

Safety Precautions:

Safety for Batik
Safety for Batik
  • Be sure not to inhale the dye powder.
  • Wear a dust mask
  • Do not allow children to handle paint powder
  • Pregnant women should be especially vigilant.
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Wear protective goggles.


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