In this, we will talk about some of the tie dye kits suitable for different levels as it is annoying to go to the market and buy the required items for these tie dye designs separately.

It is a known fact that Tie-dye method can be used for different clothes. ( Shirts, t-shirts, skirts, scarves, bedding, pillow, pants &, etc.) [If you are a beginner to tie dye, read this article first- Tie-dye guide for beginners.] You have to use different dyes and different tie-dye techniques to complete a Tie dye project. So, you can get specially made Tie dye kit available for purchase in the market for the convenience of these projects.

Tie-dye kits Advantages

There are several advantages to purchasing a tie-dye kit over purchasing separate items.

  • These kits are a bit cheaper.

Buying a tie dye set like this can save you money rather than purchasing separate items from the market.

  • Time is saved

When purchasing goods separately, it is impossible to buy all the required items at once in one shop. (Ex: in the Dye shop, you cannot buy other essentials for tie-dye such as Rubber bands and polythene bags.) So purchasing a tie dye kit can save you time.

  • Instruction and guidance manuals.

Often a tie dye kit contains a book containing guidelines and instructions. For this reason, you don’t need to search the internet or other books for advice.

  • DVDs

Some tie-dye kits have instructional DVDs as above. These include videos of various activities demonstration such as cloth folding and dyeing.

  • You can give gifts to friends.

You can give these sets as gifts for different occasions like Christmas presents, birthday gifts, etc.

  • They are sorted to suit your needs.

Whether you are a beginner to tie dyeing, aspiring to do a big project, or a hobby tie dyer, a college student, different tie-dye kits will suit you at any level.

Main tie dye sets (best tie dye kits)

Tie dye starter kit

This kit is introduced for people who have never tie dyed before. Here, it contains some instruction books and DVDs designed to be easy to understand and use independently. These guides are designed to include simple tie dye techniques to make this process easier. this dye kit is a cheap tie dye kits

Project kits

These kits consist of two parts, large and small, and targeted for students and group project developers. These kits are large because they need to work together for team activities.

Hobby tie dye kit

Larger than the beginner tie-dye kits (tie dye starter kit), these tie dye kits target people who tie dye for hobbies. There are intricate designs here, as the people who choose these tie dye sets are not amateurs. Therefore it contains dyes in several colors.

tulip tie dye kit

Items that should be included in a Tie dye kit-here

Tie dye for the experiment

Spiral tie dye tshirt
Spiral tie dye T-shirt

Instead of buying different cloth-like T-shirts, bedding, shirts, skirts, sarong for this, you can try this process on your or your family’s old clothes. This tie dye method is used to turn old clothes into new clothes. Then you do not need to go out to buy new clothes. After tie-dying the t-shirts, their sleeves are cut and used as skinny.