Yes! You can actually sublimate on any color of heat transfer vinyl, as long as the design is light enough in color that it will show up against the background. 

However, white glitter HTV is the most popular option for sublimation since it provides a nice contrast and makes the colors pop. So if you’re looking to get started with sublimation, white HTV is a great place.

We want to inform you of this article’s details regarding sublimation on regular white HTV.

How Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV?

How Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV
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Many people think printing on white regular heat transfer vinyl is impossible, but that’s not the case! With the right printer and settings, you can easily print on regular white HTV. Here’s how:

Step 1: Choose the Right Printer 

First, you need to ensure you’re using the right type of printer. You’ll want to use a desktop printer that uses sublimation ink. While some all-in-one printers can do this, they’re not as reliable and tend to be more expensive. So, we recommend using a dedicated desktop printer.

Step 2: Adjust Your Settings 

Once you have the right printer, it’s time to adjust your settings. Make sure your printing file is set up correctly for your design. Then, in your printing software, change the color mode to CMYK and the color temperature to 3200K. These settings will ensure that your colors turn out bright and vibrant.

Step 3: Print Your Design 

Now it’s time to print your design! Load your heat transfer vinyl into your printer and hit “print.” Once your design is printed, let it dry for a few minutes before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Heat Press Your Design 

Now it’s time to heat press your design! Set your heat press to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place your design on the garment. Apply pressure for 15-20 seconds, then peel off the transfer paper while it’s still hot. That’s it! You’ve successfully printed on regular white HTV.

Now you know how to print on white regular heat transfer vinyl! This process is easy and only takes a few minutes. With the right printer and settings, you can create vibrant and colorful designs that are perfect for any garment. Give it a try today!

Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV?

Can You Sublime On Regular HTV Vinyl
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You can sublimate on vinyl. However, not all varieties of vinyl can. Some vinyl materials can endure the sublimation procedure. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what kinds of vinyl can be catalyzed before discussing how to do so.

Permanent vinyl can only be sublimated using clear or white glitter HTV. Between permanent types of vinyl, you can bond heat transfer vinyl or other sticky vinyl. Other vinyl varieties cannot be overlaid effectively because they cannot hold moisture.

Although sublimating on vinyl can be a complicated and difficult procedure, stunning sublimation on vinyl can be produced if done methodically. To properly upgrade to a permanent vinyl, follow these instructions. Let’s look at how to sublimate on regular HTV Vinyl in 5 steps.

Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV? Collecting the Required Materials

Getting the supplies required for vinyl sublimation is the first thing you need to do. Gathering all the necessary supplies is vital in setting up the apparatus for an experiment. The process of sublimating vinyl is neither expensive nor does it require a large equipment collection. Below are some of the supplies you’ll need for the sublimation process.

  • Towel
  • HeatPress or EasyPress
  • Heat resistance tape
  • Water spray bottle
  • Butcher tape
  • Sublimation design 
  • Sublimation paper
  • Light colored, white or transparent permanent vinyl

Set Up the Heat Press 

Adjusting the heat pressure is the second step in the sublimation process. Because permanent vinyl is entirely constituted of polyester, high-temperature sublimation is required. Generally, a temperature of 345 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit is good for sublimating vinyl.

The butcher tape may burn if you exceed this temperature, distorting the sublimation color. The HeatPress or EasyPress firmly ensures that temperature will not be surpassed.

Check the substrate’s color 30 seconds after the HeatPress is set. If you don’t like the color, give the HeatPress another 30 seconds. The HeatPress should be turned off and left to cool after you’ve gotten the desired hue.

Get Sublime Design Prints. Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV?

The Sublime design must be printed after turning on the heat press machine. For this, I used a Circuit printer. One of the most popular printers for sublimation is Circuit. It can be used to sublimate a huge variety of different materials in addition to vinyl.

Customizations Vinyl and Sublime Design

Vinyl must often be cut and molded accurately for the printing process. Fortunately, the sublimation process does not require this. Vinyl can be sliced into an erratic oval or round form. Make sure your cut piece is bigger than the vinyl pattern you intend to sublimate.

Next, use heat-resistant tape to affix the design to the vinyl. I’d like to remind you should choose a mirror-based design. Otherwise, the vinyl can have a random, contrasting design.

Enter the Heat Press Machine with the Vinyl. Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV?

The vinyl with the sublimed design is then placed in the hot heat press machine. The vinyl should have a piece of cardboard placed underneath it before being inserted into the machine. Bleeding and burnout risks can be reduced by doing this.

To avoid a blowout from the machine, I would also suggest that you place two parchment sublimation papers between the vinyl and the heat plate. Press the heat plate onto the vinyl when it has been positioned for roughly 30 seconds. You should apply solid pressure, but avoid using excessive force as this could result in a burn or blowout.

Pull out the sublimation paper once this time has passed to check if the design is still visible. The heat press will be ideal if the pattern is neither too dark nor too brilliant. Put it back into the machine and press it again for another 30 seconds if it isn’t like that.

Normally, pressing the pattern with heat takes no longer than a minute. The vinyl may become damaged, or the artwork may seep out if you press too hard. Remove the vinyl from the machine and set it on a table to rest.

I advise you to wait at least five minutes before attempting to remove the sublimation from the vinyl. The design may bleed or distort if you remove the sublime too quickly because it is still very hot. To effectively attach to the vinyl, let it cool.

Remove the sublimation paper from the vinyl slowly and gently. Normally, a paper residue is left behind after removing the superstructure. Avoid scratching it; remove the residue with a spray bottle of water and a towel. Be gentle when handling this sublimation paper technique to avoid ruining the sublimation print design.

What Siser HTV Can You Sublime On?

Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV
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You can take Siser® Glitter HTV as Siser HTV, which can be sublimated. However, Siser now provides a sublimation solution for you if you wish to sparkle the shine, such as EasySubli®, a matte heat transfer vinyl that works with sublimation inks.

Which HTV Can I Sublimate On? Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV?

Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV
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The most popular HTV for sublimation is white glitter, but you can also use lighter hues. Keep in mind that color is visible in the design. But you can especially use white glitter HTV for sublimation.

After considering all these facts, you can draw some conclusions. First of all, you can sublimate regular white HTV. For this, it is clear that special sublimation printers and inks are used for sublimation. And white glitter can be suggested as the most widely used option for HTV sublimating.

It also turns out that you can dub on vinyl. Also, permanent vinyl can only be enhanced using clear or white glitter HTV. White glitter HTV can be identified as the most popular choice for sublimating. You can also use Siser® Glitter HTV as Siser HTV that you can sublimate.

FAQ: Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV?

Can I use sublimation ink on printable HTV?

Obviously, plain printable vinyl shouldn’t be printed on with sublimation ink. High heat and temperatures necessary for the printing process have the potential to melt the vinyl. 350–400°F temperature and high pressure are used. At 212°F, printable vinyl can start to melt. It also lacks any gaps where ink could collect.

Can I use HTV with a sublimation heat press?

Offering both HTV and sublimation is fantastic since you can combine the two processes. HTV can be applied using a heat press for sublimation.

Can you sublimate on Matte HTV?

HTV can be used to color 100% cotton clothing. We tested several HDTVs and discovered these to be the top 3 for dye sublimation use: Thermoflex Frosty Clear Matte, Siser Holographic Pearl, and Siser Glow-in-the-Dark Easyweed.

Can you sublimate on plain white HTV?

You can be sublimated on a plain white HTV. And HTV with white glitter is the material of choice most often used for sublimation.

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Conclusion: Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV?

Can You Sublime On Regular White HTV? In conclusion, sublimating on regular white HTV can be a challenging endeavor, as sublimation requires specific conditions and materials that may not align with the characteristics of HTV. It’s advisable to use dedicated sublimation blanks or fabrics for the best results, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting sublimated designs.

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