Sublimation printing has gained some notoriety during the past several years. It is common practice to employ this method to paint on a variety of substrates since everyone is familiar with sublimation printers and heat presses. Most individuals are unaware of “how to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt,” nevertheless.

How to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt? Overview

How to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt?
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The method of sublimation makes it possible to transfer pictures to textiles. Given that it produces a picture that is clear and colorful, this technique is frequently used to decorate shirts. Everybody has committed a printing blunder, but since there is little room for error with this type of printing, many times, people are unable to repair their mistakes.

Failure to adequately condition the cloth, incorrect placement of the design, or malfunctioning sublimation printers are all possible causes of sublimation errors. Do not become anxious if you are unsure of “how to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt.” Luckily, these errors are easily rectified by following a few straightforward procedures.

Sublimation technique

Among the most popular printing processes is sublimation. No style of screen printing could equal its many benefits with such ease. The sublimated technique for creating prints operates by heat transfer, which is the first element one has to be aware of. This implies that in order for the procedure to be effective, there must be a lot of heat. 

Furthermore, transfers often employ sublimation ink. Additionally, the t-shirts make an excellent item for transfers. However, this should not imply that the advantages of this ink type would be felt by all people equally. The ability of sublimated ink to penetrate the fabric’s threads is yet another benefit. It quickly penetrates materials, including cotton, linen, and silk.

The microscopic particles that makeup sublimation ink are heated past the boiling temperature and bonded with the fabric using heat exchange. If you would like a garment or material to keep its intensity, you should understand “how to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt.” Once the procedure is complete, the ink molecules are left in the garment.

How to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt?

How to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt?
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A sublimation sheet can slide within an inkjet printer while publishing. As a result, the letters could come out uneven. Uncovering stains from sublimation print is among the most challenging tasks. However, even well-printed paint could be washed away.

Ink may be removed from clothing using a variety of additional techniques. The simplest method is to apply rubbing alcohol to the soiled cloth and massage it there until the spot disappears.

Using rubbing alcohol to remove a sublimation dye mark

You should be using a liquid solution to get the color off the polyester covering since it works wonders. Although this cleaning solution is highly concentrated, it is also exceedingly combustible. Be cautious when dealing with this now.

  • Preparing the area wherein sublimation dye may be removed would be the initial procedure. We advise using a sheet to protect the flat area for this. Remember to keep the space well-ventilated.
  • Once that is done, all you’ll want is alcohol, towels, as well as a washcloth.
  • Any sublimation dye upon that garment should be treated with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol. Only place it where the ink is already present, then wait for the fabric to soak the fluid for between 25 and 30 minutes.
  • Afterward, dab the extra liquid dry using a paper towel. Start wiping the color off of the fabric with a towel and continue doing this until the discoloration is gone.
  • Utilizing ice water, rinse the clothing. All ink should be removed, We believe.
  • Nevertheless, if that isn’t the scenario, carry out the procedure multiple times. By doing so, sublimation ink could be eliminated.
Remove sublimation paper press marks completely

Water that is chilly

The clothing may be cleaned of sublimation ink by immersing it in a pail of ice water. Retrieve it as soon as you can since cold water causes the ink to freeze more quickly.


Do this repeatedly if all of the paint has been removed after warming the material for several moments.

Soda water

Put six cans of soda plus 1 cup of water inside a container. After combining the components, immerse them for around 30 minutes.


Bleaching the clothing requires roughly an hour of drying time. The clothing may then be washed with standard soap and warm water and rinsed.

Power washer

Ink may be easily removed from clothing, walls, and even wooden items with a power washer.

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How to remove sublimation ink from the shirt? Procedure.

How to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt?
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It requires significantly more time than the previous method to remove sublimation ink spots from cloth. Bigger mistakes often call for the adoption of this tactic. The other materials needed for this process are towels, ironing, polymeric crystal, rectified alcohol, tin foil, and fresh water.

Step 1: Based on the area you’re working, start by spreading a number of coats of tin foil.

Step 2: Next, take the vessel halfway with rubbing alcohol, then immerse the cloth inside. Ascertain that the discolored area of the cloth is completely submerged inside the basin. 15 to 20 minutes should be enough time to let the cloth soak in the solution. Now with sublimation print partially decomposed, it’s going to be simpler to eliminate without damaging the fabric if you do this.

Step 3: Take the fabric out of the rectified alcohol bottle once it has been in the water for at least 15 minutes. Use a few paper towels to massage the cloth in between layers lightly. Repetition of this procedure will ensure that almost all the fluid is soaked into towels and eliminated from the cloth.

Step 4: After placing a couple of additional layers of towels above and below the fabric, heat it using a branding iron. Under the irons, keep shifting the hand towels around.

Step 5: After completing step 4 and the cloth is completely dry, wrap it in tinfoil, then press this for a few moments. Denatured alcohol plus polymeric crystals should be appropriately mixed in a vessel.

Step 6: Next, softly wipe it with a moist paper towel. After that, dunk that in the suitable solvent and dab that onto the cloth. With the help of this entire procedure, you can be confident that the material will be left intact and that the sublimation dye mark will be eliminated entirely.

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FAQs: How to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt?

How can I get sublimation ink off a shirt without ruining it?

Without causing any harm to your clothing, the sublimated ink may be removed. In this situation, we can avoid applying a heated technique. Therefore, avoid using a cast iron pan or even another source of heat on the cloth. Additionally, a non-chemical treatment is the safest choice for this procedure.

If the print’s color has bled onto the garment, how can the ink be cleaned up?

Attempt one of its suggested techniques on each area of the T-shirt in which the color is to see if you can get the pattern off. Due to the artificial nature of polyester, any dye may seep deeply into the fabric, so be patient. To begin with, try a few of the acid treatments to get the print-off. When everything else fails, take the clothing to a dry cleaner.

Essential things to keep in mind while cleaning up a sublimation print mark

To find out if something can damage the cloth, check the labels.
When removing the sublimation dye from the cloth, steam it.
To get sublimation dye off of a material, use something flat as well as clean.
Whichever approach you use, be careful to absorb the stain instead of pushing it.

Conclusion: How to fix a sublimation mistake on a shirt?

In conclusion, sublimation mistakes on a shirt can be disheartening, but they are not irreversible. The key to fixing these errors lies in careful assessment, patience, and the right corrective measures. Whether it’s removing unwanted ink or covering up imperfections, with the tips and techniques discussed in this article, you can salvage your sublimated shirt and turn it into a work of art you’ll be proud to wear.