How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester? Removing screen printing from polyester clothes has become a popular question. The reason is they are being used widely due to their easy affordability. 

You can use several methods to take off screen printing from your polyester clothes. 

  1. Dish Detergent 

This method is the most suitable method to remove designs from polyester. First, you need to wash the cloth using lukewarm water. Or water that is not too hot. After, apply some dish detergent or dish soap to the design. You need to do this while the cloth is still wet. Now, it is time for you to use a rough brush. Use that to scrape off the design. 

What if Dish Detergent Doesn’t Work? How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester?

How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester?
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What are the Alternatives? How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester?

Polyester has plastic components in it. Therefore, you must put special care into removing designs from polyester. Methods like ironing and striping off don’t work on polyester. And also, strong chemicals react fast on polyester garments. Consequently, it will damage the clothes. 

But for your information, we will explore several alternatives to remove screen printing from polyester. 

  1. Acetone/Nail Polish Remover

Both of these ingredients have chemicals. They can remove even old ink designs. This method is the most effective. Because of that, a lot of people use this method. 

If you intend to buy acetone, you need to be extra careful. Acetone, unlike nail polish remover, has stronger chemicals. You need to be very cautious when you use these methods. 

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Warning. How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester?

However, find out whether your cloth contains more than 50% polyester. If it contains more than 50% of polyester, please skip this method. However, you don’t need to worry if the fabric is cotton or denim. 

  1. Spotting Fluid 

Chemical solvents are used for this method as well. Hence, it is doubtful whether this is suitable for the removal of designs on polyester. 

  1. Plastisol Remover 

This method, too, is a strong solvent. Even you need to protect yourself from this substance. Therefore, we don’t recommend this method to remove printed designs from polyester. 

  1. Iron and strip off

This method also is not recommended. It is intuitive for anyone that polyester melts at high temperatures. 

How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester?
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  1. Wash Until the Design Fades Away 

Indeed, this method does not work as quickly as other tips. And the other thing is that all the printed patterns vanish with time. This method just accelerates that process. For this method to be successful, you need to perform a particular number of washings. Usually, the design remains immaculate until you finish 50 times of washings. 

Moreover, some people turn the clothes over before washing them. That is good practice. However, in this scenario, you must keep the right side of the garment out. It will give you fast results. 

However, there is a drawback to this method. This solution can make the color of your cloth fade away. At the end of all the 50 times of washings, the color might become pale. But, this does not apply to every cloth. 

  1. Rinse With Cold Water 

This method is the most suitable for fresh designs—those who design printing as a business use this method commonly. 

  1. Sugar Scrub 

A sugar scrub also can remove designs on your garments. However, remember to do this gently. Moreover, this method works better on newly-printed designs. Further, it might also work on small parts of a used old garment. 

Before trying this sugar scrub method, rinse your cloth with cold water. If the design remains parts, use a sugar scrub even after trying a cold water rinse. 

Regular sugar is what you need for this. One tablespoon is enough. After, softly rub the surface of the design. You can use your hand or a piece of cloth that is soft. 

Finally, wash the cloth off to remove the remaining sugar. 

  1. Iron and paper bag strategy 

Even though we don’t recommend ironing directly and peeling off the design, you can try this one. 

You need a paper bag for this.

However, always remember to check out the temperature of the iron. 

  1. Residue Removing 

When removing screen printing polyester or any cloth type, you must consider how to remove the residue of screen printing. 

After trying all the methods described above, you may find a small amount of ink remains. You can try a rinse with cold water or sugar scrub. Moreover, try the cold water method if you want to remove a design while working on a novel print. Go for the sugar scrub method only when the cold water method doesn’t work. 

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General things. How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester?

How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester?
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If you think all the above methods don’t fit you, the following things might help you. 

Some screen-printed designs run all over the garment’s surface. However, some have the design only on the part of it. To remove the former category, you might need more solvents. And also, you may need to scrape off the thing spending a lot of time. We hope that you don’t like this idea. 

It is usual for you to think of saving your effort for small smears. They require neither much time nor effort. 

Next, consider the value of your garment. After removing the printing, you will discard it away. But, we know that many of you don’t like the idea of wasting. So, after the removal process, you can wear the dress at home. Moreover, you have the option of donating too. 

Further, if the screen printing removal process takes too long, you can do another thing. Instead of removing the design, you can put a new pattern on the print. This method is good for heat transfers. Thus, you can seal a vinyl design over an old pattern. 

Finally, buying new clothes and reprinting them is safer if you do a design printing business. The thing is, there is a possibility that these removal methods go wrong. Removing and reprinting over a hundred clothes don’t sound good at all.  

FAQs: How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester?

Can screen printing be removed?

Yes, screen printing can be removed from clothing and other polyester items. The process typically involves using a few common household items or specialized solutions to break down and lift the ink from the fabric, restoring the material to its original state.

How do you remove a logo from 100% polyester?

To remove a logo from 100% polyester fabric, you can try using acetone (nail polish remover) on an inconspicuous area to see if it affects the fabric. If it doesn’t, you can apply acetone to the logo and gently rub or scrape it off, but be cautious as acetone can damage some polyester materials. If you’re uncertain or dealing with a valuable item, consider seeking professional assistance from a fabric care expert.

How do you remove rubber print from polyester?

To remove rubber print from polyester, you can follow these steps:

1. Test an Inconspicuous Area: First, test a small, hidden section of the fabric to ensure it doesn’t damage or discolor the polyester.

2. Use Acetone or Rubbing Alcohol: Dampen a cloth or sponge with acetone or rubbing alcohol and gently rub the rubber print. Be cautious and work in small sections to avoid excessive saturation or damage to the polyester.

Remember, the effectiveness of this method can vary depending on the type of rubber used for the print and the specific polyester fabric, so proceed with care.

Can you screen print on 100% polyester?

Yes, screen printing can be done on 100% polyester fabric. However, it requires using the right type of ink and curing method designed for polyester to ensure a durable and vibrant print. Water-based and discharge inks are often recommended for polyester as they allow for better adhesion and flexibility on this type of material.

Conclusion: How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester?

How to Remove Screen Printing From Polyester? You‘ve got limited methods to remove screen printing from polyester. The most effective and unharmful out of all is using dish soap and a harsh brush. However, if the design you need to remove doesn’t fade away, you can follow the other steps.

Nonetheless, ensure to follow the recommended ones only. Since polyester has plastic will react with strong solvents and iron heat. Therefore, select less strong chemicals and a low heat level when you go for those methods. 

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