Why Is My Sublimation Print Faded After Washing? Did you know that the growth of the apparel sector has created a demand for textile printing technology? Sublimation printing is one of them and is most frequently used to modify items because it can print on any material.

Sublimation printing is one of the most well-known techniques among the numerous techniques. A popular heat transfer printing technique is sublimation. Inkjet printing is frequently used for sublimation printing. Therefore, the fabric should be made of cotton or polyester fibers. Fading is the most prevalent issue of the many that can occur with sublimation printing designs.

With catalytic printing, heat is precisely applied to the fabric to produce a spectacular appearance. These sublimation prints could, however, occasionally fade after washing.

There are a lot of unanswered questions and issues surrounding the sublimation process. We’ll explain why your sublimation print faded after washing in this article.

Why Did My Sublimation Fade After Washing?

Why Is My Sublimation Print Faded After Washing
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Stunning results are achieved by precisely transferring catalytic printing heat to the fabric. However, occasionally these sublimation prints could deteriorate after washing.

Below are the reasons why your sublimation might fade after washing.

Using poor grade sublimation inks

You frequently don’t use the best inks while choosing your sublimation inks. I used low-quality ink for sublimation, so the sublimation faded after I washed the fabric twice. The absence of a protective coating could cause the print to fade. We advise you to always choose brands so that at least you can be sure your work will be flawless.

Using sublimation printers of poor quality

T-shirts and other apparel items are frequently designed using sublimation printing. However, the print on the clothing may start to fade after numerous pieces of washing. Several causes exist, but the sublimation printer is the most frequent one. This may occur if you are using inexpensive, low-quality sublimation printers.

Poor quality transfer paper  

Transfer paper is the secret to any good sublimation print. It is the foundation on which your image will be printed and is in charge of the final product’s overall appearance. What occurs, then, if your transfer paper is of poor quality?

To create prints of excellent quality, the catalytic process uses transfer paper. The caliber of your transfer paper will determine how well your print comes out. Poor transfer paper will cause the print to fade after washing.

How To Make Sublimation Last Longer? Why Is My Sublimation Print Faded After Washing?

How To Make Sublimation Last Longer
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Sublimation requires some compromises if it is to last for a long time. To stop light fading, excessive sun exposure should be avoided. We also need to wash sublimated clothing less frequently to protect more colors. Then it can be used for a long period.

According to researchers, quality sublimation created with quality ink, sublimation printers, and transfer paper last for four years. But remember that it changes according to how it is used.

Sublimation Washing Instructions. Why Is My Sublimation Print Faded After Washing?

Why Is My Sublimation Print Faded After Washing
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You should not worry if you’re wondering how to keep your sublimation from fading after washing. Like any other fabric, you can wash them by hand or in the washing machine.

How you wash your sublimation depends on the material they are made of, so see the instructions below.

Wash initially in cold water

Always begin your sublimation wash with cool water. Never use a dryer to dry sublimation printed clothing.

Cool water and mild sunlight exposure are enough to keep them smelling fresh. Spray with stain remover if it has food or other stains before placing it in the washing machine.

Never include fabric softener or bleach

Never use bleach or fabric softener when washing sublimation. Fabric softener stops the sublimation of clothes from drying properly, and bleach ruins the dye. Additionally, it gives white-inked clothing a yellow tinge.

Use moderate amounts of detergent

When washing clothing sublimated with detergent, use a moderate amount. Maintaining a clean, crisp design can be challenging if you overload your washing machine with detergent; you cannot preserve the color of sublimation fabric for long.

One tablespoon of powder or two tablespoons of liquid detergent is the recommended amount; if you need more cleaning strength, add an additional half ounce of liquid.

After rinsing, dry

The most crucial thing to remember is that you should never put sublimated fabrics into the dryer.

The only thing you need to do is wash your sublimated garment and hang it up right away because the heat and agitation of a dryer will ruin the picture.

When your shirt is just a little damp, iron it?

Since heat dries out colors, it is better to iron your garment when it is just a little bit damp. Any wrinkles that might develop after washing are removed by ironing with steam, which also sets your design. However, take care not to use too much water or to hang your garment up too soon after drying.

Sublimate again when necessary

After washing, your sublimation fabric might need to be re-sublimated. This guarantees that you can wear them until they are comfortable before hand-staining or returning them for resurfacing.

The following conclusions can be formed after looking through all the information mentioned above. Using low-quality inks, printers, and transfer paper will significantly increase sublimation print fading after washing. Additionally, excessive sunlight exposure and washing machines are not recommended if you want to use sublimation prints for a long period without harm.

Always use cool water and never bleach or fabric softener when cleaning sublimation materials. This sublimation might also be harmed by using a lot of washing powder immediately. By adhering to these guidelines, the sublimation print will remain vibrant for a time after washing.

FAQs: Why Is My Sublimation Print Faded After Washing?

Why Is My Sublimation Print Faded After Washing
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Can the sublimation print be washed?

The sublimation print can be cleaned with cold water. Likewise, avoid using too much washing powder. Also, sublimated garments should not be dried in a tumble dryer. Instead, rapidly hang the clothing.

Will sublimation wash out of cotton?

The sublimation will wash out of the cotton if you try to stamp sublimation transfers on untreated cloth. Natural cotton fibers and synthetic sublimation dyes cannot form a chemical link.

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Conclusion: Why Is My Sublimation Print Faded After Washing?

Why Is My Sublimation Print Faded After Washing? In conclusion, understanding why sublimation prints fade after washing is crucial for maintaining the vibrant quality of your designs. Factors such as improper temperature, pressure, or timing during sublimation, as well as substandard materials or inks, can lead to fading. By addressing these issues and following proper sublimation techniques and aftercare, you can ensure that your sublimation prints retain their brilliance and durability through numerous washes, creating lasting and eye-catching results.

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