In the specialized printing procedure known as sublimation shirt printing, an image is first printed on a particular sheet of paper before being transferred to a different material, typically polyester or a polyester blend. A sublimated shirt might be considered a priceless addition to your outfit. 

They need particular purification because they are expensive to purchase. Their clothing differs little from regular clothing due to the distinctive pattern of these shirts. How long your sublimation shirts endure or fade prematurely can be greatly affected by the dye quality, cotton type, and other sublimation-related aspects, as well as how you wash your sublimation shirt. This means they will last longer than you anticipate if you wash them properly.

You’ve found the right place to be if you’ve been looking for information on the care instructions for sublimation shirts for a while. I will explain to you today how to successfully care for sublimation shirts. Here is a comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial on how to wash sublimation shirts so they won’t fade.

Sublimation Care Instructions And Tips

Customers can be simply instructed on how to take care of the item they purchased with sublimation care instructions. You should adhere to the sublimation care instructions to ensure that these sorts of clothing operate as well as possible and last as long as feasible. Sublimation shirts you can manually wash or put in the washing machine, just like any other type of shirt.

Here’s a quick guideline on care instructions for sublimation shirts.

  • Try not to wash your shirt too frequently because some of its quality will be lost every time you wash it.
  • Always try to hand wash rather than machine wash your sublimated shirts.
  • Avoid dry cleaning sublimated clothing.
  • After washing, allow it to thoroughly dry before storing it in a cool location.
  • Another thing to remember is to wash colorful and white clothing separately.
  • After washing and drying, hang the clothes on plastic hangers rather than metal ones because the latter can rust.
  • Reduce your heat setting while using hot water to keep color brilliance longer. As you get hotter, high temperatures can harm dye work over time, and prolonged exposure to extremely hot temperatures will hasten color fading.

How To Keep Sublimation From Fading After Washing

How To Keep Sublimation From Fading After Washing

The fading of sublimation prints after washing has causes and remedies. After printing, fading is a very prevalent issue. It could occur for a variety of causes. Inks and dyes can fade from clothes when washing and drying sublimation materials. Water dissolves sublimation ink. 

Therefore you must be very careful about how frequently you wash it.

There is an area for drying as well. Your masterpiece will fade as a result of how sunlight interacts with it.

High Heat and Pressure

Sublimation may fade after washing due to high heat and pressure. In this process, heat and pressure are crucial. A fading generation may result from improper printing or transfer catalysis temperature settings.

You should learn the appropriate heat and pressure settings for various types of shirts and consult the Heat Press Temperature Chart and Ultimate Guide to prevent sublimation fading after washing. By doing so, you can protect the fabric.

Poor Quality Sublimation Paper

The use of inferior transfer sheets primarily caused fading. If the transfer paper is of poor quality, this printing method will ruin it because it employs soluble ink.

If you use high-quality sublimation paper that absorbs the ink better, your sublimation won’t fade after washing.

Sun-Ultraviolet Discoloration

After washing and drying, exposure to sunshine causes sublimation from fading. You should be aware that dyes’ vaporization forms the catalytic process’s basis. The dyes start to change back to the vapor form due to the tremendous heat when they are directly exposed to ultraviolet light, enabling them to interact with the fabric’s threads and spread in the air. Don’t dry the sublimated shirts in the sun to stop the sublimation from fading after washing.

To prevent this, one solution is to wash or dry decorative things outside. Use mild detergent and cold water to prevent fading after washing. You shouldn’t use fabric softeners or bleach. Avoid washing your sublimation shirt too frequently. After washing, avoid putting your clothing in the sun’s direct rays.

Should You Wash a Shirt Before Sublimation?

Should You Wash a Shirt Before Sublimation

Simply put, sublimation is the method used to transfer images to specific kinds of materials. Pressure and heat are applied to speed up the exchange. It is a permanent transfer since the exchange happens at the molecular level. That implies that the transferred picture will not come off no matter how often you wash and scrub. Therefore, it will be useless to look for a shirt before sublimation.

Should You Prewash Shirt before Tie Dye?

Before tie-dying, we often advise washing and soaking the fabric because moist fabric absorbs the color more readily. But you can apply color to dry fabric based on your desired method and appearance. Make sure to wash the fabric to get the size out. 

Additionally, prewash the item before dying, and eliminate any obvious stains. When dying, this will make it easier to get consistent color effects. Without using fabric softener, prewash in warm, soapy water. Any finish that hinders color absorption will be removed with the help of this prewashing.

How Do You Wash a Tie Dye Shirt for the First Time?

How Do You Wash a Tie Dye Shirt for the First Time

Step 1: Leave it for at least 8 hours.

You mustn’t take the tie-dye shirt out of the plastic wrap or bag too soon. Your tie-dye shirt will stand out more if it has many colors.

Allow it to sit in a plastic bag secured with a rubber band for at least eight hours.

Step 2: Take a plastic bag and give it a cold water rinse.

Wear rubber gloves and protective gear after letting it sit for 8 hours to prevent color stains. Then use cold water to wash your tie-dye garment. Avoid washing your shirt with other garments since the loose and extra color will stain them.

You can wash with cold water in several ways. The washing machine is your first choice. Better still if your washing machine has a wash mode. Your second option is to wash your tie-dye clothing by hand in a sizable utility sink with cold water. Thirdly, you can use a hose to spray the tie-dyed item on a flat surface, like an asphalt or concrete driveway, until the water runs clear.

Step 3: Set up your tie-dye.

Combine your shirt with one or two cups of vinegar in a gallon pail of water. After turning it on for a little while, let it soak for 30 minutes. Don’t soak it with other clothes because the excess and lost color can stain them. Take your tie-dye shirt out of the water and vinegar solution after 30 minutes and wring it out.

This action will benefit you for many months and years since your tie-dye shirt and the exquisite designs you worked so hard to create will endure for a very long time.

Step 4: Take the rubber bands off.

Finally, you can see how your design appeared after being released from its plastic bag and rubber band confines.

Rewash your shirt in cool or cold water, wring it out, and let it air dry until it stops dripping.

Step 5: Warm water and detergent are used to wash the clothing.

Once more, it’s a great idea to wash your tie-dye shirt yourself. Other clothing will be stained by the loose and extra color.

Use warm water for the greatest results, as the intense heat helps the color to set.

Step 6: Repeat as necessary.

These detailed instructions must be followed again to ensure that no excess color seeps through your tie-dyed clothing.

Some tie-dye shirts require two washing items to prevent the extra color from staining other garments.

Step 7: Air Dry.

Let your dress or shirt with tie-dye air dry. Air drying is preferable to using a dryer to avoid shrinking your shirt and fading your vibrant tie-dye colors.

How Do You Wash a Bleached Sublimation Shirt?

Additionally, I advise against using chlorine bleach because it will fade the colors. But more significantly, it weakens the cloth. Do not wash your dye-sublimated shirt in the same load as other clothing items. Your dye-sublimated shirts may pick up colors from such other clothes. Therefore, you can do this using the same process as a typical sublimated shirt.


Should you wash a shirt before sublimation?

Before sublimation, washing the fabric is preferable. Because heat and pressure facilitate the exchange. It is a permanent transfer since the exchange happens at the molecular level. To achieve better results, cleaning the object before sublimation is crucial.

Will sublimation wash out of cotton?

The sublimation will wash out of the cotton if you try to stamp sublimation transfers on untreated cloth. Natural cotton fibers and synthetic sublimation dyes cannot form a chemical link.

Can you dry sublimation shirts?

Sublimation clothing can be dried. For optimal results, hang them up to dry. However, you can put them in the dryer on a low heat setting if you need to dry them fast and are strapped for time.

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