The definition and explanations for single-stitch t-shirts always link with vintage t-shirts. Read this article to clear all your doubts about single-stitch t-shirts. 

What is a single-stitch t-shirt? 

What is a single-stitch T-shirt? 

Single-stitch type t-shirts have a construction of a stitch in a single row. It is this single row of stitches that fastens the hems of clothes. And it secures sleeve cuffs as well. However, this stitch type is not in trend now.

Most modern t-shirts have a double-row stitch method. It is the standard method used nowadays. But that does not mean people have discarded the single-stitched t-shirts. They are still in the market. But not so often. 

Single Stitch T-shirts 

This type of t-shirt was prevalent in the market before 1990. If you find a t-shirt with a vintage stamp and with single-row stitch construction, it is a vintage t-shirt. However, not all single-stitch t-shirts are vintage. There are modern single-stitch t-shirts on the market. 

In addition, there are double-stitch t-shirts that are vintage. And they are valuable at the same time. Some brands like Ralph Loren and Aeropostale manufacture t-shirts with embellished single-stitch construction today. So, single-stitch t-shirts do not belong entirely to the 20th century. 

Impression and Feel.

What is a single-stitch T-shirt? 

When considering the type of stitch strictly, considering the material of the t-shirt is also vital. When it comes to single-stitch t-shirts, this is crucial. The convenience of the material of a single-stitch t-shirt is hardly replaceable. A double-stitch t-shirt is not as comfortable as a single-stitch t-shirt.

The reason is that single-stitch t-shirts don’t have the wrinkles you see in cotton shirts. Therefore, single-stitch t-shirts spontaneously become weatherproof. Nothing can substitute the comfort of the thin fabric of a single-stitch t-shirt. 

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What Should I Consider When Buying Single-Stitch T-shirts? 

To seek original vintage-type single-stitch t-shirts, you must look for the things elaborated in the previous section. The impression and the feel are as important as the material.

Among all these things, the prominent feature that is easy to notice is the single-row construction of the stitch of the t-shirt. You don’t have to be an expert in textiles to notice these things. 

In addition, Ringer T-shirts come with a different color neckline as well as sleeve cuffs. Hence, when you buy that type of t-shirt, it won’t be easy to find the single-row stitch line. So, in such a case, you must look for the material, impression, and how it feels. If the t-shirt is comfortable enough for sleep, you have come to the right t-shirt. 

While going around to seek vintage t-shirts, you might be familiar with the label 50/50. Or sometimes, it appears as Fifty-Fifty. This tag means that the t-shirt contains 50% of cotton and the other half polyester.

However, this combination of materials also culminates in comfortable garments. You can compare the difference in softness with a double-stitch t-shirt for more assurance. 

What is a Single stitch T-shirt?? 

Contemporary Single-stitch T-shirts

Designers these days use the single-row stitch construction to recreate the aesthetics in vintage t-shirts. Unlike old designers, they use a thick line of stitch. You can easily identify this difference if you compare the thin lines of old designs with the new ones. 

Understanding the Terms Vintage and Single-Stitch T-shirts.

What is a single-stitch T-shirt? 

The definitions for these terms are muddled. People tend to use the terms interchangeably. The basic idea of a vintage t-shirt is that it is not new. Moreover, we are not talking about t-shirts that are one or two years old. To be a genuine vintage t-shirt, your t-shirt must be 10 or 15 years old. 

However, the current notion is that every t-shirt manufactured before 2002 is vintage. You can identify a genuine vintage t-shirt from its tag. The typical material combination for vintage t-shirts consists of 50% of polyester and 50% of cotton. That is what makes vintage t-shirts softer. 

What is single-stitch? 

This stitch type is also popular as Single Dingle and Single-Single. Single-stitch means the finishing stitch line that you commonly see in vintage t-shirts. Modern designers use the double row stitch method for hems and shoulder seams of t-shirts. However, a t-shirt can have a combination of both these stitch types. They are dual-stitch t-shirts. 

The Difference Between Single-stitch and Double-stitch T-shirts

As mentioned above, the primary difference comes from the lines of stitches. Single-stitch means a single row of a stitch, while double-stitch means a double-row of a stitch. In addition, people prefer single-stitch t-shirts for their benefit.

What are these benefits? Well, have a look at the back side of the t-shirt. It might look different than the front side. In single-stitch t-shirts, this back side is a type of lock to the front side. It helps to hold the thread line in place. It doesn’t change even if you tear the hem or something happens to it. 

Conversely, the new trend of double-stitch thread lines does not provide this durability. It will precipitate the damage to the t-shirt’s hem if something happens to the edge lines. Therefore, single-stitch seems like the most durable among others.

This idea is further established by the fact that cheap quality cotton is the material for double-stitch t-shirts. Manufacturers have started to double-stitch t-shirts and other clothes to prevent edges from getting damaged.

This trend came around 1994. However, this type of claim needs more evidence because even before 1994, double-stitch t-shirts were on the market.  

Final Thoughts 

Single-stitch t-shirts are popular as vintage t-shirts. Their aesthetics and comfortable nature have made them popular in the market. To buy single-stitch t-shirts, you must look for their impression and feel. In addition to the comfort they give, the backstitch of this type of stitch makes the garments durable. 

And vintage type t-shirts were common in 1980-the 1990s. That does not mean you can’t find single-stitch t-shirts in the market today. The designers are replicating the old aesthetics of single-stitch t-shirts. They have a thick line of single-stitch.

However, what you will find commonly in the market are double-stitch t-shirts. Moreover, there is a combination of both these stitch types. It is the dual stitch. 

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