Well, the answers to this question depend on two things.

1. Printed designs

2. Embroidered designs

The material of your T-shirt is also an excellent factor to consider before removing a logo. This article will cover all these aspects.

Is your logo printed or embroidered on your T-shirt?

How To Remove A Logo From A T-shirt?

Before following any steps to take off the logo on your T-shirt, understand which kind of logo is there on the T-shirt.

·   Designs that are Screen- printed

·   Embroidered designs

How to Remove Logos that are screen printed from a T-shirt?

First, you need to consider the size of the T-shirt. Moreover, consider the fabric type. And also, you have many ways to clear off a logo on a T-shirt. Indeed you need extra effort!

However, this is an activity that you need to perform with caution. You are going to engage with coarse chemicals when you remove logos. Therefore, you must wear safety clothing like gloves, plastic sheets, etc. If nothing on the instruction list works, you have a final resort. That is to scrub alcohol.

1. Nail Polish Remover/ acetone

How To Remove A Logo From A T-shirt?

You can use nail polish remover/ a little amount of acetone to take off screen-printed logos. And also, there needs to be a small piece of cloth. It is affordable and easy to follow. 

Ingredients like acetone are easily accessible in the market. However, keep in mind that these things work only for natural substances. And acetone reacts fast with plastics and breaks them down. So, acetone can react to makeshift materials.

If your T-shirt is cotton/denim, you don’t need to have an unnecessary fear. So, apply the liquid to the logo that you need to remove. Please remember to wash the T-shirt before applying nail polish remover/acetone.

Now, smudge a small logo section in acetone/ nail polish remover. Then, take a soft piece of cloth. Now, rub it in and shield the remaining logo and wait.

Finally, stretch the T-shirt to separate the logo from the T-shirt. Strip off the logo design and wash it. Washing helps you to remove the remainder of nail polish remover/ acetone.

2. Spot-removal guns

This technique is somewhat effective. Therefore, some say that it works amazingly. For this, some people take the use of air compressors. They can release a shower of up to a thousand PSI. However, there are less expensive water pistols, like instruments.

The former is more effective. Those guns are the most suitable if you intend to clear off the logo methodically. It is time for you to have some fun. So, aim your gun straight toward the logo and go over the entire design.

Next, use a piece of cloth to absorb the ink that leaks. Everyone says that this is the easiest and fastest method and most efficient method. Wash your T-shirt after a while. It will take off the chemical substances. If you don’t want the place you perform this to be a mess, place the t-shirt over a tin or bucket.

3. Iron Heat & stripping off

Using iron heat is a very productive method to remove logos from t-shirts. For this, you need a big paper bag. Now, flip it over and get ready to use the bright side. As an alternative to this, you can use wax paper also.

First, keep the t-shirt in a flat place and prepare your iron with low heat. (don’t use steam). When you use steam, dampness is created. The logo will be an obstacle to sticking into the paper bag. Keep the paper bag on the printed design. Now begin to iron it. The logo will stick to your paper bag. Now you can strip it off. Next, scrape off the rest of the logo print.


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4. Wash the t-shirt with the logo more often

You can wash it frequently if you don’t intend to use a manual method to remove the logo. Further, remember that it will take at least 50-60 washings to separate a logo from a T-shirt. When you put the clothes in the washing machine, don’t flip your t-shirt over. The more you expose the pattern to water, the faster the removal process will become.

Remove screen-printed Logos From Polyester Fabrics.

A harsh brush and dish soap are what you need for this. Those two can remove logos from polyester easily. In addition, Polyester is not expensive. However, you can’t use a gun for spot removal or iron heat to remove logos from polyester surfaces.

The reason why you can’t use the former is its water-resistant quality. You can’t use the latter because polyester has a bottom-level melting point.

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What could be the remedy?

First, spread wet dish soap over the logo. Then use a rough brush to take off the design. You will see in a while that the design goes away. Continue the process until all of the design goes away.

If dish soap does not react, you can go for acetone/ or any other suitable chemical. Don’t use the chemicals in larger quantities because they can harm the polyester material.

Removing nylon screen-printed logos

Two things will be helpful: WD40 & iron. Nylon is easily damageable. So, you need to put proper care. Apply WD40 first. Then wait for a while (a couple of minutes is enough). Remove the logo using a discarded bath towel.

 Removing vinyl screen-printed logos.

How To Remove A Logo From A T-shirt?

Heat is the essential thing need for this removal process. Heat has the power to soften the vinyl and sticky stuff that attaches the logo to the t-shirt. You can use your hairdryer for this.

Keep the part of the logo that you need to remove under your hairdryer. After a minute, place a wet cloth in the same area. Then take a pressing iron and apply pressure to that piece of cloth. Do this until it becomes dry. After that, you can remove the design using your fingers.

 Removing embroidered logos

It is not a difficult task to remove embroidered logos from your t-shirt. All you need is one seam ripper and a pair of tweezers.

Begin at the rear side of your t-shirt’s embroidered logo. It is inside of your t-shirt. Cut through one section of the designed thread. Do this till the thread dissolves. Now you can remove the threads using tweezers.

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Even though removing a logo from your t-shirt sounds tiresome, it is not rocket science. You can take off any type of logo pattern. The chemical stuff and their residues easily take off by putting the clothes in your washing machine. Your t-shirt will become brand new within a couple of hours.