To convert Epson 8550 to DTF, follow these steps:

  • Fill the DTF container with the DTF link
  • Switch your printer to DTF mode using the digital screen
  • Wait for the conversion to complete
  • Confirm the conversion by seeing the green light on the screen.

However, that’s not everything. While DTF conversion has several advantages, you also need to consider the potential drawbacks. To know details on how to convert Epson 8550 to DTF and other relevant factors, explore the whole article.

Key Takeaways

  • You can convert your Epson 8550 into DTF by following some easy steps.
  • By converting to DTF, you can enjoy benefits such as more durability, cost-efficiency, great quality image, and faster turnaround. 
  • Before the conversion, consider drawbacks such as limited warranty, maintenance challenges, and lack of support. 
  • To maintain your newly converted DTF printer, clean it regularly. Also, give the printer a gentle shake daily and keep DTF films in a cool and dry place. 

Turn Your Epson 8550 into A DTF Printer 


Before attempting the DTF conversion, you need to take some preparation. This will ensure smooth conversion and reduce the chances of potential issues.

  • Prepare required materials: DTF ink, film, transfer adhesive, and Epson EcoTank 8550 printer.
  • Take out unnecessary parts such as wheels from the printer so that it is ready for DTF conversion.
  • Switch on the printer and check if it is working okay. 
  • Download software such as CadLink. It will help in configuring the printer for DTF printing.
  • To ensure proper ink flow and quality, perform a print head nozzle check.
  • Empty any existing ink from the printer’s tanks.

Step-By-Step Guide to Conversion: 

The Epson Ecotank ET-8550 can be used as a DTF printer even though it’s originally an inkjet printer. To use it for DTF printing, follow these steps:

Step 1: Fill the DTF container with DTF ink. DTF ink is different from regular inkjet printer ink. It dries quickly, has better electromagnetic properties, and is more durable than inkjet ink. 

Product NameFeatures
BCH Premium DTF Ink for Inkjet Printer Direct to Film Heat Transfer Printing Water-based DTFHigh color densityPremium quality that supports a wide range of DTF Films

Step 2: Switch to DTF Mode. The Ecotank ET-8550 has a digital screen menu. You can easily switch between DTF mode and inkjet using this screen.

When in DTF mode, the printer disables the rollers. Also, the height of the rollers is increased. 

Moreover, the printing mechanism is slowed down to facilitate fabric printing.

Step 3: Wait for Green Light. In the meantime, the printer is transitioning from inkjet to DTF mode. 

Once you see the green tick mark, you have successfully converted your Epson 8550 to a DTF Printer.

Epson 8550
Source: Computer Universe

Use It for The First Time:

You have turned the Epson 8550 into a DTF printer. Now, it’s time to use it.

  • Put the DTF film in the printer with the matte side facing up (the side you print on).
  • Use the downloaded software to print the design on the DTF film.
  • Once printed, add DTF transfer adhesive powder to the film by sprinkling and shaking it. Make sure to cover the whole image.
  • Finally, the DTF film is ready to use on clothes or things using a heat press or something similar.

Benefits of Converting Epson 8550 to DTF

You made the decision to go DTF with your printer and successfully did the conversion. But is it worth it? This section will highlight the key benefits you get from converting your Epson 8550 to DTF. 


DTF printing does not require traditional printing settings such as chemicals, emulsions, and screens. In this way, converting your Epson 8550 to DTF is both cost-effective and time-saving.


Another great thing about DTF is its images are long-lasting even under critical conditions. These images can retain their quality over time and can withstand many washings. 

Great Quality:

If you are worried about printing quality, you made the right call by converting your printer to DTF. Because, DTF printing creates sharp and detailed prints along with vibrant colors. 

Its ink transfer onto the substrate is very smooth and reliable. Also, it gives you better control over color accuracy. 

Faster Turnaround

As DTF printing does not require screen preparation or drying time, manufacturing turnaround is much quicker. If you have a business that needs faster delivery, DTF printing is the way to go.


One amazing thing about DTF is you can show off your creativity and make highly customized products. You can even use it to heat press on nylon bags

DTF printing gives you options to personalize every aspect of a print. You can do variable data printing which allows numbers or names to items.

As a result, you can meet requirements for different types of customers for your business.


DTF printing removes the need for screens and screen preparation chemicals. As a result, it reduces waste and does not have much impact on the environment. So, as an eco-friendly solution, DTF printing is a good choice.

Can I Perform DTF Conversion on Any Epson Printer?

No, not all printers support DTF conversion. The conversion is possible for specific printer models, such as select Epson printers. 

When switching an Epson printer to DTF printing, various models have proven to be effective and suitable. The following list highlights 8 popular Epson printer models for DTF conversion:

  • Epson EcoTank ET-8550
  • Epson EcoTank ET-8500
  • Epson SureColor P600
  • Epson SureColor P400
  • Epson SureColor P800
  • Epson Stylus R2000
  • Epson Stylus R3000
  • Epson Expression XP-15000

It’s essential to conduct thorough research to identify which printer models are compatible. For example, Epson SureColor T3270 utilizes pigment-based ink. For that reason, it is not compatible with DTF printing.

Should You Convert Your Printer to DTF? 

While converted DTF printers give you many advantages, it is important to understand the drawbacks as well. 

Lack of Warranty: If you change your printer for DTF printing, your warranty might not be valid anymore. You’ll have to pay for repairs or replacements if you modify the ink system or other parts.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting: DTF printing needs regular maintenance and troubleshooting issues. Issues such as clogged printheads, DTF Transfer not sticking, and film feeding can lead to more downtime for the repairs. 

Limited Support: DTF printing is a specialized tech, unlike usual printing methods. You might find less support in terms of guides, tutorials, and community help.

Tips to Maintain Your Newly Converted DTF Printer

To maintain your newly converted Epson 8550 into a DTF printer, you need to take care of it. To avoid issues such as blockages and ensure quality print, it’s essential to conduct regular maintenance. Here are some tips:

Shake Daily: Give the printer a gentle shake every day to stop the inks from settling and clumping.

Keep Films Safe: Store DTF films in a cool, dry spot away from sunlight to keep them in good condition.

Print Reguarly: To stop the ink from drying in the printhead, print a small design or test pattern regularly.  If you haven’t used the printer for a week or more, you should go for a test print right away.

Regular Cleanup: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the printhead and ink lines regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is It Possible to Do DTF Conversion on A Laser Printer?

No, DTF conversion cannot be done on a laser printer. While Inkjet printers are known for DTF printing, laser printers have different printing method.

Is DTF Printing Better Than Heat Transfer Vinyl? 

Yes, DTF printing is better than heat transfer vinyl. While Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is a popular method for creating custom designs, it has some limitations. DTF printing supports a variety of colors and allows precise designs. 

Is DTF Printing Better Than Dye Sublimation? 

Yes, DTF printing is better than dye sublimation. Though both DTF and dye sublimation printing offer high-quality prints, DTF printing offers more benefits. DTF printing allows better colors, details, and a variety of materials. 


You can easily convert your Epson 8550 to DTF by following some easy steps. Ensure you fill the DTF container with the DTF link. And then, switch your printer to DTF mode. If you’re in doubt, check our step-by-step process once again.