“Batik art for beginners” Mainly, Batik art can be classified into two categories.

  1. Fundamental Batik method (Main batik method)
  2. Secondary Batik Method

According to the used dye agent, again fundamental Batik method can be divide into three techniques.

  1. Naphthol Batik technique
  2. Vat dye Batik Technique
  3. Procion Batik technique

Now we will discuss the sub-methods of the fundamental method accordingly.

Naphthol Batik Technique

In this method, we have the ability to make a large number of colors in a huge range (40+). For that, you should have a good understanding ability.

These colors are made by combining naphthol and dye. If we want to make colors, there is a naphthol and dye reserved for that color. If you have a competent understanding, by changing naphthol for the same dye, you have the freedom to make different colors. By studying the naphthol technique accurately, you can approach a successful future in batik art.

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), Dye, Naphthol, Wine spirit, and liquid salt are use to make colors.

Vat Batik Technique

Vat batik technique is a famous method done using the hydro, caustic soda, and dye. Sometimes, soda ash is also used to create Batik colors.

Learning the vat batik technique is very important, as it is used to batik silk sarees.

Procion Batik Technique

This batik technique is done using soda ash, caustic soda, and dye. These procion dyes are mostly used for tie dye.

Not only that, but also the secondary Batik method can be divid into 2 sub methods.

  1. Tie-dye Batik technique
  2. Java batik technique (Batik painting)

Now we will discuss the sub-methods of the secondary batik method accordingly.

Tie-dye Technique

Spiral tie dye tshirt
Spiral tie dye t-shirt

Today, this is a very famous technique. Using various methods,, you can fold, tie, and grin the cloth piece in this method. After that, it is time to add colors. In the tie dye technique, most wax methods are not used.

This is a technique that can be done at a low cost.

Java Batik Technique

batik painting is very famous in the java island, which can also be introduced as the painting batik art. Most wax methods are not used in this technique too.

In the fundamental method, the total time period taken to apply dye may differ from technique to technique.

Naphthol = 30-40 min

Vat dye    = 1-1.5 Hrs.

Procion    = 2-2.5 Hrs.

Sometimes the overall finished time is varied from person to person.

In batik, art time is significant, and there should be adequate knowledge and awareness about the timing. This will helps you to overcome most of the problems. There is a possibility to wash off the dye in the final creation. Suppose you have not any idea about the timing correctly. It will cause to rise a crisis in durability.

Though you can print the clothes, create colors, and have studied the different wax methods, if you are not aware of the time taken for dying, you should not be able to certify validity for the durability of your creations. Hence take a thorough study for this session.

Tie-dye Batik art for beginners