DIY How to Tie dye without a kit in few minutes. (Step-by-step practical guide.)

Materials required for this tie dye method:
  • Poplin fabric
  • Procion dye
  • Soda ash
  • Salt
  • Ropes (does not absorb water)

Raw fabrics can also be use for this tie dye. But if you use these raw fabrics, put in soda ash for about an hour, boil and dry. (*go for poplin fabric properties)

                                  The size of the fabric can be choose according to the desired design and cloth. Also, this type of dye can be purchase in any color you like. There are several colors here. (*must read- Procion dye guide)

                                      To tie these pieces of fabric, choose a waterproof rope such as rubber bands or nylon.

How to Procion Tie dye Process without a kit

Step-1:                                        First, fold the fabric, as shown below.

This fabrics can be fold in several ways. (That is, it can be fold into many numbers of designs). The tie dye design changes depending on how the fabric is fold; we will discuss other folding methods in the future.

Step-2:                                 this folded piece of fabric has to be tied very tightly because if this is not tied tightly, we will not get the desired design.  Therefore, do not tie it loosely and tie it very tightly with a rope that does not absorb the water. When tying this way, do not forget to tie in the shape of a plus mark (+)

Step-3:                                        the fabric thus tied should be soaked in salted water for 10 minutes before coloring. Here you need to take one teaspoon of salt per 1 fabric yard. After soaking in this way, it is going to dye.

Soak in salted water, how to tie dye
Soaking in salted water

Step-4:       Color Mixing

                             First, take water in a large bowl and mix the soda with this water. (Take 1 ½ teaspoon of Soda ash per 1 fabric yard.) This should mix well after mixing, take 1 ½ teaspoon of procion dye powder (required color) per fabric yard, and put into the same container and dissolve. If needed, the dye can be add to this large container after dissolving in a separate container. Then can identify if there are any dye cubes at the bottom of the container. (Mix well until the cubes are gone)

                                                         Wearing gloves is mandatory during this process. Mix by hand or in some other way.

♦ When using these dyes, it is imperative to pay more attention to safety because they are toxic chemicals.

Read the safety precautions note here. (Be sure to read first before dyeing)

Step-5:                  Once the dye solution is formed, remove the fabric soaked in salted water for 10 minutes, squeeze well, remove the water, and put it in the prepared dye container. Leave this piece of fabric in this dye container for 40 minutes.

      Be sure to stir the dye container every 10 minutes. Otherwise, the dye may have fallen to the bottom of the container.

Step-6:    After 40 minutes, remove the fabric from the container

After dyeing
After Dyeing

be sure to dispose of the dye solution safely.

Step-7:       Loosen the knot and untie the fabric. You can see a pattern like the one below after untying. (see the success of the procion tie dye design)

Step-8: Then, rinse and wash

Depending on how the fabric is fold and how the knot is tied, you can completely change the design.   

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