Pro Clubs provided the state’s soundscape, and they still do in numerous respects. Nothing compares to how a fresh Pro Club t-shirt looks. But how to wash pro club shirts? You will receive our customized care recommendations from us so that the Pro Club t-shirts last longer.

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How to wash pro club shirts? Turning the garment upside down, cleaning in cold or warm waters, and low-heat drying will produce the greatest washing outcomes and minimize shrinkage.


The most widely worn t-shirts around Los Angeles were Pro Club 6.5 oz. T-shirts from Pro Club come in large lengths, are sturdy, and are fitted closely from around the neck. T-shirts from Pro Club maintain their form despite numerous items of washing. But how to wash Pro Club shirts? Let’s investigate.

What exactly are Pro Club t-shirts?

Pro Club Tees are indeed the ideal synthesis of coziness, fashion, and toughness. The perfect outerwear in athletics, exercise, the seaside, and sometimes even everyday casual clothes. For summertime, they are indeed the ideal t-shirt. With a stylish, relaxed shape that sits tight to the skin and provides a good 5.8 oz cotton, this feels incredibly soft across the body and allows for a full range of movements.

How to wash Pro Club shirts?

The sewing has been strengthened for increased durability so it can withstand repeated physical activities. Exceptional Pro Club fabric maintains it slightly over time, washing upon washing, without drooping or loosening. 

Each Pro Club item is driven by a commitment to quality. They seek genuine, traditional, and sincerity, preferring substance above flair. They put a lot of effort into ensuring that our clothing is made to the best standard, as well as treating research and development carefully.

Both cuffs and collars of Pro Club t-shirts maintain their form throughout the term without drooping or straining, and they continue to look fantastic after several washings. When washed, it won’t shrink. For more than 30 years, Pro Club has produced high-quality goods. This is where your search for fashion and pleasure ends.

Pro Club’s past

Pro Clubs was formally founded in 1986 by a man who was searching for reinvention. Adolescent Geun Lee had been employed by IBM in an admin position for many years, yet he thought it wasn’t enough. The 1980s were unsettled years.

Lee wished for more and better. He made the decision to depart South Korea in search of fresh prospects permanently. He chose to move to Southern California after selling his vehicle and house and traveling to the United States.

Although difficulty was anticipated, Lee was unwavering in his resolve. He worked hard and developed contacts. He stumbled into the neighborhood garment industry by chance or fate. Initially, the task was rather straightforward: He purchased T-shirts straight via distributors and resold those to vendors at the nearby swap market.

Lee became capable of renting a modest building in Pico-Union off Vermont Street and purchasing a vehicle as his business prospered. The business soon started to come to him. Serendipity had a part in the development of Pro Club as just a business.

Bad fortune may be a powerful spark in the right hands. One simple piece of clothing—a basic, fully prepared white T-shirt—provided the solution. Pro Club T-shirts differ from other products currently available in terms of style.

A masterpiece of design, its dynamic appeal. Parallel to all those initial fuzzy periods in Los Angeles, Younger Geun worked tirelessly to polish the white T-shirt, making adjustments when his clients just at Slauson exchange meet often offered comments.

However, the T-shirt now possessed uncontested rental properties. Pro Clubs appeared overnight. Success followed not long after. Today, a Pro Club’s feeling of size is what gives it its enchantment. There aren’t many reasonably priced white T-shirts with a sophisticated geometrical cut and clever utility.

How does silk screening work?

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How to wash pro club shirts?

How to wash Pro Club shirts?
  • T-shirts should only be washed in the cold. 
  • T-shirts should air dry spontaneously. Never put it in the machine.
  • T-shirts should be ironed from the inside out. So yet, just the shirt’s base has been seen.
  • When pressing a piece of a shirt, sprinkle the area with water using the spritz and mist feature on the irons or a spritzer bottle. When spraying starch is your only option, spritz the location with water before applying the starch. Since you’re pressing a t-shirt inside-out, it’s okay if the starch leaves behind flaky residues.
  • After smoothing out any remaining creases, turn the t-shirt’s right shoulder out. To achieve that wrinkle, iron arms. Add additional mist water if necessary. Please don’t add extra starch since it can flake.
  • A t-shirt should never be heated up externally. When pressing the t-outside, shirt’s drape a white scarf or cloth over that. This prevents scorching and losing the bright white appearance of white t-shirts. This prevents that burnt, ashy hue on colored clothing.

How can I quickly and effortlessly unshrink my garments?

A combination of a spray bottle, as well as a heaping tablespoon of shampoo, can be used to unshrink the majority of garments. To aid in relaxing the fibers, softly massage the object with the fingers. Using the fingertips, gently extend the garment to its initial dimensions after gently patting or rolling it on a napkin to dry. Then let it air dry.

Step 1: Soak inside a mixture of boiling water and shampoo

The capful of soap should be added to lukewarm water inside a basin or pail. The object you wish to unshrink should be placed inside the sudsy solution. Allow it to remain for one or two minutes, then use the palms to softly massage the object to assist the fibers in softening. With a gentle squeeze, you can drain several of the liquid after removing the object from the liquid.

Step 2: Use a napkin to blot the water off the drooping garments

Place the article of clothing evenly in front of another one of the large, fresh hand towels. The garment is enclosed by rolling the sheet up through one end. The towel should be gently pressed to absorb extra moisture before being unrolled.

Step 3: Reorganize and gently extend the garment

Lay the moist item of clothes out again on the next cleaned bath towel. The object may be stretched into its initial dimensions using the hands. Lastly, place the piece of clothes on the blanket and permit it to dry naturally by air. The process can be accelerated by utilizing a low-speed fan.

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Pro club shirts—are they pre-shrunk?

Enhanced stitching for greater tensile strength. Comfortable shirts are great in any weather and last all year. Pre-shrinked to reduce shrinking Double-needle bottom edge, tied shoulder straps, and high-quality workmanship.

How are professional club jerseys made?

Consumers adore Pro Club T-Shirts since this neck maintains its form over age without drooping or straining. Pre-shrunk as well as constructed entirely of linen, the blouses are.

Pro club jerseys, are they transparent?

Since the Pro Club Bulk T-Shirts aren’t visible like those from other manufacturers of blank t-shirts, you may stack them or wear people alone.

Pro Club—is it polyester?

Using moisture-wicking technologies, Pro Club keeps you fresh, cool, as well as pleasant by removing perspiration. In spite of its thickness, 100% performing polyester looks thin, light, and very soft on the skin.

How are professional club sweatshirts made?

To make you feel comfortable during cold weather, this item is made of 13 oz. of plush, sturdy fleece that is 60% ring-spun wool as well as 40% polyester.