Is Splat fabric dye hair dye? Splat dye is a very popular and established product known for providing fantastic color shades for hair and fabric. The pros, cons, safety precautions, and everything you need to know about this wonderful product will be explained in detail in this article as we explore “Splat hair dye”.

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Splat hair dye is made strictly for hair and is not to be used on fabric, it is popular for its beauty and its amazing ability to last very long.

Splat hair dye: overview

The Splat hair dye brand is well known for its amazing and colorful hair color products. Splat, which was founded in 2002, immediately gained popularity among individuals seeking to express their individuality through bold hair colors.

Splat hair dye is widely recognized for its selection of vivid and daring colors.

Splat offers a variety of colors to fit every style and personality, whether you’re looking for a girly pink, a fiery red, or a vibrant purple.

The hair dye is formulated to offer long-lasting color and with the right upkeep, it may retain its vibrancy for weeks, allowing you to enjoy your gorgeous hair color for an extended period.

Splat hair dye is known for its ease of application. The kits typically come with all the necessary tools, making it convenient for users to achieve their desired look without the need for additional products.

Splat hair dye is perfect for people who prefer to color their hair themselves. it is amazing for enthusiasts experimenting with hair dye at home thanks to its straightforward instructions.

Splat offers a wide variety of colors that users may combine or create their custom colors with. The product’s adaptability encourages creativity and experimentation.

The color of Splat hair dye has a reputation for holding up well over time. However, depending on multiple factors including hair type and the chosen shade, how long the color vibrancy lasts can change and the longevity of the color can be prolonged with proper hair upkeep.

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Important considerations

There are some important factors to consider before using splat dye for either your hair or fabric, this considerations are explained below.


Paying close attention to possible skin responses and sensitivities should be one of the top priorities. Because everyone’s skin is unique, what works for one person might not work for another. Before using any hair dye, including Splat, on your scalp or skin, it is essential to perform a patch test on your scalp or skin.

A patch test involves applying a small amount of the dye mixture to a small area of your skin, usually behind the ear or the inner elbow. Allow it to dry and leave it for about 24 to 48 hours. Keep an eye on the test region during this waiting period for any symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as swelling, itching, redness, or pain. It is advised to avoid using the hair dye if any negative reactions are noticed.

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Splat dye is highly pigmented, which makes it easy for it to stain clothing, towels, and washroom surfaces while being applied.

It is advised to take necessary precautions to reduce the possibility of stains. Wear old or dark-colored clothes that you don’t mind getting stains on.

To prevent spillage, cover the floors and surfaces in your workspace with old towels or newspapers.

Use an old or disposable towel to dry your hair after rinsing, as it may get stained from the excess dye.

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Color variation

Understanding that the final color outcome can vary based on several factors is important for managing expectations and achieving the desired result. The original color, texture, and condition of your hair play significant roles in determining how the dye will turn out.

The length of time you let the dye on, the shade you pick, and whether or not your hair has been pre-lightened can all affect the color outcome. To properly understand the expected outcome for the particular shade you’ve chosen, it is advised that you carefully read and adhere to the description and instructions provided on the product.

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Another significant factor to consider when using Splat hair dye is your hair’s porosity. Your hair’s capacity to absorb and hold color and moisture is referred to as porosity. While low-porosity hair may take longer for the color to penetrate and develop, high-porosity hair absorbs color fast and may provide a more vibrant hue.

The state of your hair, past treatments, and exposure to environmental factors are some of the variables that affect porosity. Before using Splat dye, it’s a good idea to know how porous your hair is to predict how the color might turn out and modify the application accordingly.

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Hair health

The condition of your hair before using Splat dye can have a significant effect on how it turns out. Healthy and well-moisturized hair tends to absorb and hold color better than dry or damaged hair.

As a result, it’s essential to make sure your hair is properly conditioned and nourished before dying it.

To improve the general health of your hair and get it ready for coloring, consider deep conditioning it a week or two before using Splat hair dye.


  • Affordability. Splat hair dye provides a cost-effective option for people looking to change the color of their hair without high expenses. The product’s accessibility to a wide range of customers is ensured by its availability across multiple retail stores and online marketplaces.
  • DIY-friendly. Splat hair dye is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with hair colors in the convenience of their own homes. The kit’s straightforward and detailed instructions make the process enjoyable and easy for individuals who have never dyed their hair or people trying a new hair color.
  • Long-lasting color. Splat hair dye is recognized for its long-lasting color. Once applied, the color remains bold on the hair for an extended period, allowing individuals to enjoy their new look without frequent touch-ups. Proper hair care and maintenance can further prolong the color’s longevity, ensuring a vibrant and captivating appearance for weeks.
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  • Difficulty in color removal. While the long-lasting hair color is an advantage, it can become a drawback when attempting to remove the color or change it to a different shade. Splat dye tends to adhere strongly to the hair, making it challenging to completely remove or lighten without resorting to potentially damaging processes like bleaching.
  • Possible hair damage. Like many other hair dyes, Splat hair dye contains ingredients that can potentially cause damage to your hair, especially if it is already fragile or damaged. The hair may lose its natural moisture and proteins during the dyeing process, especially if pre-lightening is involved, leading to dryness, brittleness, and an increased risk of breaking.
  • Potential reactions. Just like with any hair dye, there is a chance of an allergic response or skin sensitivity when using Splat dye. Before application, a patch test should be performed on your skin or a small part of your hair to minimize the chances of negative effects.
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Tips for best results

  • Hair assessment. Examine the condition of your hair before applying Splat hair color, consider conditioning and nourishing treatments to restore your hair’s health and get it ready for coloring if it is damaged, brittle, or overly processed.
  • Minimize hair washing. To increase the longevity of the color, reduce how often you wash your hair. When you wash, use lukewarm or chilly water along with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep the dye’s brightness.
  • Even application. Apply the dye evenly to achieve a consistent color result, use an applicator brush or nozzle, section your hair, and work the dye through each section thoroughly. Ensuring even coverage is crucial for a polished look.

Does Splat dye require special washing instructions?

As a semi-permanent hair dye and direct dye, using splat dyes some specific instructions, this includes using cold water instead of hot water when washing as hot water can strip the color more quickly, and cold water also helps maintain the vibrant color and minimize fading.

You should not heat style your hair and also stay away from harsh hair treatments like relaxing and straightening as these can contribute to color fading and damage to your amazing hair.

Use only recommended approaches to get rid of splat, especially from your hair, try using a damp washcloth to scrub stains with a mixture of baking soda and dish soap.

You can also use a damp washcloth or baby wipes with baking soda and clarifying shampoo to scrub stains depending on availability.

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What kind of dye is splat?

Splat hair dyes are very popular hair dyes that are very strong, effective, and semi-permanent, these hair dyes should be not left for too long during application.

Which hair dye is fabric dye?

Splat hair color dye is a semi-permanent hair dye that is considered to be very similar to fabric dyes, although some people use this semi-permanent dye on clothes this is not recommended.

Why do people say not to use splat hair dye?

According to splat hair dye reviews, some people consider splat hair dye toxic because of the presence of ammonia which can make your brittle over time.

Is Manic Panic a fabric dye?

Manic Panic is a popular and semi-permanent dye that can be used to give a semi-permanent color to your clothing.

How does Splat dyes differ from other fabric dyes?

The difference between splat dyes and actual fabric dye is that splat dye molecules are different and more complicated to remove from your hair.

How long does Splat color last on fabric?

Splat color lasts very long when applied on clothing, once it is applied properly it could last up to 30 to 45 days or “just one holiday”.

Is splat hair dye good for dark colored clothes?

Although splat color is primarily not made for clothes, it can be used for several clothes including dark-colored clothes.

Can splat color be used on synthetic fabrics?

Splat color is a semi-permanent hair dye and is primarily not meant for clothes, but it can be used by color or DIY enthusiasts for synthetic clothes.

Is splat hair dye good for tie-dyeing?

Splat hair dye is primarily designed for coloring hair, but its vibrant colors and longevity make it amazing for tie-dyeing as well.

Are splat hair dyes easy to apply?

Splat dye is considered easy to apply to produce an amazing and vibrant color perfect for any hair color.

Can Splat dye be used for ombre effects?

Yes, using the right methods and the right tools you can use a splat dye to create ombre effects.

How do you prepare fabric for Splat dye application?

The general and most common way to prepare a fabric for dye application is to wash and dampen the fabric.

Are Splat hair dyes environmentally friendly?

Splat hair dyes are considered very effective, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

Can you mix different Splat colors to create custom shades?

Yes, you can mix splat colors to find the perfect color for your amazing hair.

Does Splat dye have a strong odor?

The smell of the splat varies on the particular semi-permanent color you get, but the smell is generally not bad.

Can Splat color dye be used for dip-dyeing?

Although this is not the primary purpose of splat, some enthusiasts use splat dye for dip-dyeing of fabric.

Is splat dye bad like people say?

There are different opinions on splat hair dye reviews, though using it the wrong way can lead to hair color damage, you can also use it to attain vibrant colors and a gorgeous look.

Does Splat dye require pre-washing of fabric?

You should consider pre-washing your clothing before applying splat as a preparation step to make dying easier.

How can you remove splat hair dye?

You can remove splat by using a mixture of baking soda and clarifying shampoo.

Can Splat fabric dye be mixed with another box dye?

Box dye requires hydrogen peroxide and should not be mixed with splat under any conditions.

Does Splat fabric dye fade over time?

Yes, splat dye simply provides a semi-permanent color to your hair and will fade eventually, this semi-permanent color usually lasts just one holiday.

Can you apply splat to brown hair?

Yes, splat dye can be applied to brown hair to produce a beautiful and charming result.

Are Splat hair dyes permanent?

Splat hair color is a semi-permanent hair dye that lasts longer than most hair dyes, it is harder to remove splat hair dye than most hair dyes.

What is a major consideration when using Splat hair color?

You should consider using a hair color you are comfortable with carrying for a long time because forcefully removing splat improperly could ruin your natural hair color.

Is splat dye easy to clean up after use?

You can easily clean or remove splat hair dye by using a mixture of baking soda and clarifying shampoo.

Is a Splat fabric dye safe for skin contact?

You should apply Splat with caution or seek the help of an expert as Splat is a direct dye and can stain your hair scalp and skin.


Spalt hair dye is a very popular and effective product trusted by countless people to give their hair any color they could imagine. By taking the necessary precautions and using this article as a guide you can take advantage of this wonderful product and give your hair an amazing and elegant shade.